Aussies’ Heaven

So this is how my painting turned out. I started it in acrylic but finished it in gouache.

Fender is seated in a comfy chair in the best landscape imaginable for an Australian Shepherd. A lot of  space to run and to herd sheep.

Fender, the Australian Shepherd sitting in a chair in a British landscape

Fender’s heaven

Sketches of my dog

Yesterday, I took photos of my dog as reference for a painting that I want to make.

This is my dog, Fender. He’s an Australian Shepherd:

photo of Fender, the Australian Shepherd

He posed on the table to give me a slight frog’s perspective. Also to capture his more regal facial expression (I love that!).

To be honest I love to draw from photos. It puts me in a Zen mode. This is the first result:

Fender, the Australian Shepherd

On my Pinterest page I collected some Chesterfield chairs and top hats and sketched them too, since they make good accessories in the final portrait.


In this rough sketch I more or less combined the different ingredients:

Sketch of Fender, the Australian Shepherd sitting in a Chesterfield chair

Tomorrow I’ll further work on the small painting.